Make Plans to Win

Every accomplishment great or small starts with a decision


Planning is key to accomplishing any goal. Without a course of action, any endeavor is doomed to failure, especially in the realm of finances.

This truth is the defining objective of Make Plans to Win. We strive to provide a workable, understandable, individualized strategy for all folks—from those wanting to accumulate wealth to those protecting the nest eggs they’ve worked hard to acquire.

Everyone makes plans to win throughout their daily lives. Some are very small plans and some are very big plans. Some plans don’t mean a lot and some are life changing. If we’re honest, most of our plans don’t turn out the way we think they will. Think about how exciting it is to plan a trip or vacation. Normally it’s more exciting than the vacation itself, because it never turns out the way we saw it.

Finances are no different. Just when we think we have the plan that is going to help us retire rich, crap happens. Winston Churchill said, “success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” It should be our planning that should keep us excited, day in and day out. If you think a plan can just be made and it’s done, without changing, tweaking, or resetting, good luck.

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